And it’s over.

It is officially the first of July which means I have gone a whole month without chocolate. How shall I reward myself for this incredible achievement? With chocolate of course!

In all honesty, I thought that I would feel so much better for not eating chocolate, maybe even lose a little weight but I haven’t. I don’t actually think it’s made one bit of sodding difference.

Although this is annoying, I’ve realised that this isn’t the focus –> I’ve managed to do something so much more incredible. I’ve managed to ignore my cravings –> I have craved chocolate so much this month but I haven’t caved, I haven’t even been tempted and I’ve seen a willpower I didn’t know I had.

I’ve turned down chocolate cookies, chocolate cake, chocolate biscuits –> all things I would have had before, just because they were there. That in itself is a huge achievement for me and something I’ve never been able to do.

Although I will not be continuing my chocolate ban because lets face it, life without chocolate is just not worth thinking about, I will definitely be thinking more about my cravings and whether or not I actually need them –> it’s been a really interesting month and I feel like I’ve made huge progress.

That said it’s now time to spend 3 hours in a chocolate coma,


Cya x 


5 thoughts on “And it’s over.

  1. Interesting, and it goes to show that we don’t actually need everything that’s put in front of us. We can get by perfectly well, and probably much better, by ignoring the signals. I’m presently experimenting with ignoring food totally throughout the day i.e. nothing except an apple or two, until after work. It’s really no big deal though whether it will pay off in weight loss is yet to be seen.


    1. Completely agree Roy – we don’t need to everything, I think it’s society that’s encouraged that behaviour! How are you getting on with fasting? I’ve heard some really good stories about it!


  2. The jury’s out. However I just got back from a short break in Ireland and ran like a (slow) god – 9.6, miles, 8.4, 8.6 and got told off by my hostess for not eating enough. Weight-wise I don’t know. Will report back 🙂


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