For years I have been unhappy with my body, my diet and my lifestyle and I’ve started every year with good intentions, that usually fail by the end of January because realistically, salad gets boring and I do enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine every now and then.

But enough is enough. I am running my first marathon thisΒ year and so I need to make sure my nutrition is in order, I’m strong enough and my fitnessΒ keeps improving.

So this blog is hopefully going to hold me accountable and I hope to keep you all updated on how the training is going, as well as sharing recipes and workouts that I have tried and tested πŸ™‚

If you have got any questions, please feel free to contact me – I would love to hear from you

L x

p.s. I am not trained in nutrition or exercise, this is just simply what works for me.