Insta Inspriation.

I get most of my workouts from pinterest or Instagram and I’ve recently discovered an incredible Instagram account that I want to share with you guys –> her name is Lilly Sabri. I always struggle to put together my own workouts so videos are so helpful –> especially if the moves are new. Making sure … More Insta Inspriation.

And it’s over.

It is officially the first of July which means I have gone a whole month without chocolate. How shall I reward myself for this incredible achievement? With chocolate of course! In all honesty, I thought that I would feel so much better for not eating chocolate, maybe even lose a little weight but I haven’t. … More And it’s over.

A month down.

How has it been a month already? Time is literally flying by and I’m not too sure I like it –> the older I get, the quicker time seems to go. A month ago my partner made my gym plan and worked out my macro split –> so the big question is; do I feel … More A month down.